Commisioned Work (Factory Fitted Anamorphic Optics)

Rectilux 5FF and 7FF custom anamorphic adapters have the option to have the optics factory fitted with the customer supplied anamorphic.


A commissioned work is one produced by Transfer Convert Cinemania to order from a customer, in accordance with the agreed model specification described in the Transfer Convert Cinemania Website. The customer pays for the commisioned work, taking possession of it on completion and payment. There is a no return policy for commissioned work. Transfer Convert Cinemania owns the design copyright in work commissioned by a customer.


In short, it is very similar to engaging a film maker to make your movie to an agreed script/screenplay.


To be eligible for a commission work, you must possess a compatible base engine anamorphic and the funds to finance the completion of the work. Compatible base engine anamorphics are listed and updated on the Transfer Convert Cinemania Website.


Rectilux Custom CinemaScope adapters specially made from customer-supplied base anamorphic engines outside of the European Community will attract significant cost savings through a process known as Inward Processing Relief (IPR).  Many countries around the world operate a similar scheme to the one used in the UK. For reference purposes, you may download a copy of the UK scheme here. Your country’s scheme may differ.


Inward Processing Relief basically allows the the suspension of Customs Duty and Tax on the import and export of goods for repair and modification.


If you intend to use IPR, please give advance notice via the Contact Form as it takes some time to set it up, you will also be advised of the additional cost for the factory fitted option.

The vintage look digitally remastered . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments unleash the power of vintage optics from Europe and the Far East and are available either as self-assembly or factory fitted units. Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments have neutral optical transfer function, multi-element focusing optics to preserve the character of the base anamorphic and of the spherical taking lens. Coated or uncoated options are available.

Stretch your imagination 2X . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments unleash the

2X stretch* aesthetic in the time-honoured movie tradition and provide a faithful rendition of what you see on the big screen, complete with stunning deep blue anamorphic flares**, oval iris reflections and beautiful waterfall/painterly bokeh.


                                    *when focussed at infinity **base anamorphic dependent

How close can you go?  . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments have single follow focus (FF) operation and optional Floating Zone Focus system for improved close focusing. The housing and focussing optics are designed using CAD software and are precision engineered to very close tolerances. I call this process [[REVISIONEERING]].

Quick change anamorphic lens system . . .

Rectilux 3FF series single focus anamorphic attachments are supplied with a quick change anamorphic lens mount system  Changing anamorphic lenses is a simple procedure that can be performed in less than one minute. There is also support for standard 15mm rods near the centre of gravity for best balance.

Floating Zone Focus . . .

The optical optimisation of the focusing system was performed with a Floating Zone Focus system in mind. The design objectives are achieved by variation of axial displacement between individual lens elements or groups which allows the cinematographer to fine tune the focusing system to the shooting environment.

Accessories  . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments feature a strengthened front assembly for protection and also support for a follow-focus Mod 0.8 geared ring plus a front filter thread* for ND or split field dioptres. Coupling ring(s) and RectiGrip are supplied.

                                                                                                            *only 3FF models